Alabama State Tree - Southern Longleaf Pine
State Name: Alabama

State Nickname: The Heart of Dixie also known as The Yellowhammer State

State Capital: Montgomery

Postal Code: AL

Area: 51,609 square miles

Date Entered the Union: December 14, 1819

State #: 22

Borders: Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi

Number of U.S. Representatives: 7

State Motto: We dare defend our rights

State Flower: Camellia

State Bird: Yellowhammer

State Song: “Alabama”

State Tree: Southern Pine (Pictured above)

State Mammal: Black Bear

State Reptile: Alabama Red-bellied Turtle

State Fish: Fighting Tarpon, Largemouth Bass

State Amphibian: Red Hills Salamander

State Butterfly: Monarch Butterfly

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